Make R100 by the end of Today for Free

Make R100 by the end of today, let me show you how. I just made R50 in under 5 minutes with this app and the good thing about it is that it is absolutely free.

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All you need to do is to Download M4Jam app now by clicking here.

Then start making money. You can earn up to R100 per simple task.

Read more to find out how M4Jam works.

M4Jam co-founder Andre Hugo told Fin24 that 500 micro jobs were completed within the first hour-and-a-half, and there was a 56% growth in users in the first three hours.

“It seems people set their alarm clocks to check if M4Jam was legit,” said Hugo. “They found that it was.”

WeChat’s revolutionary micro jobbing platform was heralded as a momentous shift in the way service-based companies could relate with their communities, giving real value for small, specific tasks.

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“There’s been a phenomenal uptake, which shows that this really is easy money for easy work,” said Hugo. “We’re ecstatic with the initial response and look forward to offering our micro jobbers more opportunities as the weeks go forward.”

One of M4Jam’s first jobs seen on the platform by Fin24 was to take a photo of your favourite cold drink and to answer a few questions, pinpointing your location. The R15 earned would have been far more than the actual drink, making the taste of it that much sweeter.

So here is how I made R50 in just under 5 minutes

Step 1. I downloaded The M4Jam App free

Step 2. I invited 10 friends using a referral link found on my M4Jam App. I get R5 per person who joined using my link. You too can do it. Click here to create your free M4Jam portal.

Step 3. I invited more people to make more money.

Earn money with M4JAM: Image YouTube/IamEmmanie H

Step 4. I completed simple tasks using my M4Jam app. The biggest mount per task at the time I wrote this was R100. Now there are more exciting tasks like adding a spaza shop on the M4JAM system. Also adding construction sites on the system. You can earn R65 on one spaza and R60 on one construction site.

Yes, you can make R100 per task for doing small tasks. Click here to begin.

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